Labour Campaign For Council Housing

Our Vision

The Labour Campaign for Council Housing has been designed to radicalise Labour’s housing policy, to ensure that the party tackles the housing crisis when in Government. 

Housing is the greatest domestic challenge facing Britain right now. Currently, there are 277,000 homeless households, which includes 4,677 rough sleepers. A distinct lack of (especially social-rent) social housing has meant that people of all generations have been increasingly forced to rely on the private sector, in which rents are higher, conditions are poorer, and tenancies are insecure. 

To change this picture and build a fairer society, in which everyone has access to safe and secure housing, we need to build social housing on a mass scale to redress the balance. This is our vision; one that resonates with Shelter’s recent report: ‘A Vision for Social Housing’, calling for 3.1 million new social-rented homes. 

In this sense, our vision is simple: Labour should adopt a policy of building 155,000 social-rented homes per year, to meet this demand. Moreover, 100,000 of these should be council homes. This would require a grant of 10 billion, per year, to fund a project of this scale. We have further called for an end to ‘Right-to-Buy’, to protect current and future social housing stock.



Our Plan

At its heart, the Labour Campaign for Council Housing is a grassroots Labour campaign and our plan of action is a clear reflection of this. We are approaching CLPs across the country and putting our motion forward, asking for it to be passed and put forward for the 2019 Labour Conference. 

Our Policy

If Labour is to resolve the housing crisis, its housing policy needs to be more radical. Our immediate focus is to campaign for Labour to commit to the below policy guidelines: 

  • Building 155,000 social homes per year, with at least 100,000 of these being social-rented council homes. This is to start with immediate effect, once Labour is in Government.
  • Pledging, at least, £10 billion per year for a housing grant, which has been ring-fenced for delivering the 100,000 social-rented council homes. This is to be announced at the first Budget of a Labour Government. 
  •  Ending ‘Right-to-Buy’, instead of simply suspending it. This is to be announced on day one of a Labour Government.